Each item has a standard description which may be used as the basis for purchase specification. The major item heading is the most commonly accepted name for the cut or pack. Alternative names for cuts and packs are listed in brackets. Description is a guide only. Buyers should clarify the required specifications before ordering.
Reference numbers: Most cuts or packs have a five-digit reference or Standpack number. This number corresponds to the written description and can simplify ordering. This guide shows the number series for each cut. The international meat supplier will be able to advise specific numbers appropriate for each market.
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  BOTTOM SIRLOIN BUTT BONELESS (Bottom Sirloin) The bottom sirloin is the remaining po..
  BOTTOM SIRLOIN BUTT BONELESS (Bottom Sirloin) The bottom sirloin is the remaining po..
  BRISKET NAVEL END BONELESS (Plate, Brisket N.E.)  The brisket navel-end boneles..
  BRISKET POINT END BONELESS The boneless point-end brisket consists of the equivalent of..
  BUTT TENDERLOIN BONELESS (Butt Fillet)  The butt tenderloin is the thick end of..
  CHUCK TENDER BONELESS (Blade Roll)  The chuck tender is the round muscle adjace..
  EYE OF ROUND BONELESS The complete long eye muscle removed along the natural seam from ..
  FLANK STEAK BONELESS (Trimmed Flank) The oval flat muscle taken from the leg end of ..
  FLAT BONELESS (Outside less Eye of Round, Outside Smalls) 22250 This is prepared fro..
  INSIDE ROUND BONELESS This is one of the three cuts derived from a bone-in round and is..
  KNUCKLE BONELESS (Sirloin Tip)  This is the portion of the bone-in round remain..
  O.P. RIBS (Oven prepared ribs) 22910 O.P. ribs are derived Iron) a 12-rib forequarte..
  OUTSIDE ROUND BONELESS (Bottom Round, Outside, Silverside) 22210 The outside or late..
  RIB EYE ROLL BONELESS (Cube Roll) The rib eye roll is the muscle or eye of meat adja..