Each item has a standard description which may be used as the basis for purchase specification. The major item heading is the most commonly accepted name for the cut or pack. Alternative names for cuts and packs are listed in brackets. Description is a guide only. Buyers should clarify the required specifications before ordering.
Reference numbers: Most cuts or packs have a five-digit reference or Standpack number. This number corresponds to the written description and can simplify ordering. This guide shows the number series for each cut. The international meat supplier will be able to advise specific numbers appropriate for each market.
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LEG BONELESS Shank Off  (Tunnel Boned) Prepared from a chump on or chump off, shank off femu..
  BACKSTRAP The backstrap including the neck muscle is removed from the side in one piece..
  LEG Chump On (Long Leg) 64700 Taken from a bone-in side by a straight cut at righ..
  LEG Chump On, Shank Off Derived from a long leg by the removal of the shank. The sha..
LEG PART BONED Chump On, Shank On (Semi Boneless)  Prepared from a long leg by the rem..
  SHANK BONELESS Hind shank meat is removed from the tibia and fibular bones and the fore..
  SIDE BONELESS Prepared from a bone-in side by the removal of all bones ..
  TENDERLOIN The complete tenderloin is removed from a boneless side in one whole piece. ..
  TRUNK BONELESS Prepared from a boneless side by the removal of the boneless leg ..